Tools for the EXTREME Driller

If you are the type of person to haul a stacked out rig up a washed out path to drill a hole on the side of a volcano, then these are the tools for you!  Built with 4140 or 4145 Q&T steel and materials made in the USA.   These tools will make the whole trip, so you can keep an eye on that shiny new bit!


Geothermal drilling generally means drilling tools will see some of the harshest environments on the planet. We've been perfecting our hard-facing methods using some of the highest quality American made tungsten and composite available.


Ranging from 6" to 26", we have down-hole roller reamers in stock. They can be fitted with chert or button cutters to suit your drilling needs.


Let's see, there's.....bit subs, float subs, jet subs, cross-over subs, stab-in adapter subs.....manifold subs, bull-nose subs, lifter subs,.....sub threading, sub repair, sub modifications, sub design...and that's about it (just kidding, there's more!).

What do geothermal power plants and drilling rigs have in common?
They both like it HOT.

New and Used Tri-Cone Drill Bits in stock, special orders upon request


B7 Studs & Nuts
API Rings
Spiralwound Gaskets

Valves & Fittings

Ball Valves Butterfly Valves
XH Pipe Fittings
Hammer Unions
Float Valves
Check Valves


Pipe Dope
Rig Soap
Sash Cord
Striking Wrenches


Casing Heads

When you are building your stack, you want a good solid foundation. Our wellheads are built tough with 4140 steel and tailored to your preference. Line Pipe and External Flanged Outlets available.

Stack Equipment

Give us a try if you are looking for a spool, mud-cross, studded adapter, flow tee, diverter, Landing/ Hanging Flange, or Master Valve. We also clean & re-bore used casing heads and flanges.

BOP Equipment

BOP Rentals available, from Double-Gates to Slab Gates, small annulars to Rotating Heads. Unit for pressure testing availible upon request.